I have been capturing images for 15 years.  My style has changed so much over the years, but my main focus is using nature as my backdrop and the main source of light.  Using the natural light that nature gives is what truly makes an image. Currently, I reside in the Norfolk, VA.  Every time that I pick up my camera is a new experience rather being learning new settings or either learning a new life lesson, which you know you learn a great deal just by taking a moment to yourself and just focusing on what is in front of you.    Doing portrait photograph is a learning experience for me as I always just took images of nature and animals.  Working with the humans I tend to just let you be yourself, I do not want to fully pose you as that does not look natural.  The greatest images are those that are captured when you least expect it or when you are laughing.  Those images truly capture the moment and the person’s personality.