As more and more people create their own online retail businesses, the demand for e-commerce providers in retail is increasing. As the owner of the online store, you should look for agile and flexible quality-oriented suppliers. Otherwise, you can risk your existence in the industry, as most of your competitors will have thinner and more reliable suppliers. The circumstances in which the seller and the company entered into the agreement and the general information of the agreement are mentioned in the original terms of the agreement. Recitals are the first clause of the agreement that mentions the intentions of the parties. It starts with the term “Whereas.” Here is an example of recitals in the e-commerce sales agreement: 4.1 The interface that the company makes available on the creation on the supplier`s online page downloads the product description, images, non-responsibility, price and other details for the products displayed and put up for sale on the online page in question. 6.4 The seller hereshes, confirms and acknowledges that the product is the property of the seller and that the company is only an intermediary for the sale of the seller`s product, so that the company is not responsible/responsible for the product, its design, its function and its production of terms and the sale and financial obligations, guarantees, guarantees, guarantees. The company reserves the right to indicate disclaimers on its website/online page There are two important dates in an agreement. First, the date the parties sign the agreement, that is, the date of execution.

Second, it is the effective date of the agreement, known as the effective date. The terms of the contract apply from the date of entry into force. The effective date and execution may or may not be the same. The date can be set in two ways: 6.2 The Seller is solely responsible for all claims, damages, allegations arising from the products offered for sale on his online page (including, but not only on quality, quantity, price, marketing, use for purposes or other related claims) and keeps the business unscathed and free from any claims and damage. Although it seems simple, Dropshipping comes with its own share of drawbacks. The online retailer has no choice but to rely on the dropshipping supplier to deliver products to its customers in a timely manner. Because case senders have a large number of customers, deliveries are more error-sensitive. Therefore, you should always be prepared to handle customer complaints. As a general rule, the contract ends at the end of the term. However, there are situations in which the contract can be terminated permanently before the expiry of the term. The termination clause provides for cases in which the parties can terminate the contract.