The following table helps you identify the corresponding bonus and agreement for your profession. It is important to read both the corresponding agreement and the bonus for each occupational category, in order to understand your full rights. As a general rule, an agreement suspends a premium if they contain the two clauses that cover the same condition of employment and are contradictory. Agreements are collective agreements that set conditions of employment and additional rights for certain workers and their employers. Several distinctions and agreements define the conditions of employment, including salary and rights, for the EMPLOYEEs of the EMHS they cover. They are legally binding and enforceable before the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC) and the Industrial Magistrate. . Prices qualify minimum conditions of employment and serve as a safety net. WA Health System HSUWA PACTS Industrial Agreement 2018 WA Health System – Australian Nursing Federation – Registered Nurses, Midwives, Enrolled (Mental Health) and Enrolled (Mothercraft) Nurses – Industrial Agreement 2018 The agreement applies to the exclusion of the WA Health – HSU Award 2006 . . WA Health System – United Voice WA – Hospital Support Workers Industrial Agreement 2017 .

This agreement establishes all provisions of the public health system – Medical Practitioners (Clinical Academics) AMA Industrial Agreement 2016 WA Health System 2016 – United Voice – Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Aboriginal and Ethnic Health Workers Industrial Agreement 2018 WA Health System Engineering and Building Services Industrial Agreement 2019.