While they meet the standards of other water companies, remember to follow our local practices, including stimulating facilities and facilities. We ensure that an agreement is reached within 13-15 weeks of the first presentation of the drawings. In the event of new developments, all sewers likely to be affected should be submitted for included in a 1991 Water Management Act, Section 104. Our reviews ensure that future public sewers are designed and built to acceptable standards. Section 102 of the Water Industry Act (1991) allows a developer or individual to apply to a water company to take over an existing private operating channel. In the event of redevelopment, the S102 process is usually followed when the new sewers are installed and put into service before the S104 agreement is signed and procedure S104 is no longer applicable. A Section 104 agreement with the water department helps developers market real estate. An agreement on S104 (section 104 of the Water Industry Act (1991) is a legal agreement between a developer and a water company in which the contractor approves the construction of sewers according to an agreed standard that the water company will support. The contract is usually signed in the early stages of development and lasts several years until the water company is satisfied that the system has been completed to their satisfaction. The adoption code was introduced on 1 April 2020, meaning that all new applications in Section 104 must comply with the new design and construction code published by Water UK. The new Adoption Code recommends that you do not create new assets that we wish to take over until all parties have signed the legal agreement in accordance with Section 104.

If you want to start your development, but you don`t yet have a full technical check or agreement signed in accordance with section 104, you need to request an early start. A formal agreement with the water department is overseen and the sewer construction begins.