32 ANNEXE C-Models and Standard Mutual Assistance Agreements under the FEMA 1-Generic Template for Mutual Aid Agreement Mutual Aid Agreement Sample Template (This document is a model that should serve as a guide for the development of Mutual Aid Agreement and is not intended to present a binding format or include any potential contractual clause. It serves only as a guide and requires a seam to meet the specific circumstances and requirements of each municipality.) Intrastate MUTUAL AID AND ASSISTANCE AGREEMENT FOR DISASTERS AND OTHER RELATED EMERGENCIES WHEREAS, the safety of citizens of the XXXX state is of the utmost importance for all levels of public and local authorities; CONSIDERING that the jurisdiction of `jurisdiction` and `XXXX` seek to enter into an agreement for mutual assistance and assistance to ensure the sharing of resources, personnel and equipment in the event of a local disaster or other emergency; CONSIDERING that the State XXXX and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have recognized the importance of the concept of written mutual assistance agreements between all levels of power to facilitate reimbursement; and whereas, in accordance with the State XXXX Constitution, municipalities may enter into mutual assistance and support agreements that may include provisions relating to the provision and exchange of supplies, equipment, equipment, personnel and services in the event of natural disaster or human disaster and/or other emergency situations; NOW THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows: SECTION I. DEFINITIONS A. “Agreement” means this document, the “Intrastate Mutual Aid Agreement for Disasters and Other Emergencies.” B. “Assistance and assistance” includes, but is not limited, personnel, equipment, facilities, services, supplies and other resources. C. “authorized representative,” an official of a contracting party who, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, has been authorized in writing by that party to request, offer or provide assistance in accordance with these provisions. D. “disaster or other nature”: the onset or imminent risk of damage, injuries, loss of life or property, extensive or serious, resulting from the deliberate, accidental or accidental release of substances or substances, in any form or quantity, that pose an unacceptable risk to safety and health and property when released, natural incidents, explosions, fires, burglaries or other events directly affecting public safety.