12. Tips and recommendations: after each visit, the RPC technician provides a service report and gives the customer advice and recommendations to control and minimize pests and their habitat. These can cover hygiene, housekeeping, stacking, storage and maintenance. RPC may decide to terminate this Agreement if a Customer fails to implement the necessary recommendations to eliminate factors or conditions that contribute to the Pest and Pest Reoccupation. 5. Fees: The client must be paid by the client to RPC for the service plan and the use of RPC devices. They are in addition to a fee to be paid by RPC for the initial treatment of parasites. The service plan fee must be paid in advance on a quarterly basis. Royalties are exclusive for GSTs, which must be paid in addition to fees if CPP has a tax bill. Fees are based on the necessary services and equipment, taking into account installation costs, material and equipment costs, service and management fees (“Service Fees”).

If CPP accepts a reduction or cancellation of a portion of the service plan, any changes to the fees must reflect those service fees, so that the fees cannot vary in proportion to the change in services. If, during a billing period, RPC has not completed the required minimum number of service visits, the customer is entitled to a proportionate credit after reasonable deductions in terms of service fees and taking into account the number of non-routine visits, such as calls and follow-up visits received by the customer. 11. Pest Inspection and Treatment: All pest inspections carried out under the plan are based on a visual inspection limited to areas and areas of the site that are fully accessible and visible to the technician at the time and day of the inspection. Furniture, equipment, faucets and stocks can mask clues of certain pests that can only be discovered if these objects are removed. The treatment applies only to the harmful areas described in this agreement. All other pests are excluded unless agreed to in writing by the CPR. 16.1 The Supplier may not be, directly or indirectly, a partner or owner and may not retain or employ services on behalf of the Company under a contract, public or other officials, officials of political parties or candidates for public or political party positions or employees of the Company or its customers. 16.2 The Supplier warrants and represents that, in the performance of a Contract, the Supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and guidelines and shall induce its employees and representatives to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and directives and to exempt the Company from all claims arising from the Supplier`s omission . .