These documents give you information about the financial impact of the agreement. In the case of a pre-agreement, the terms of your credit agreement may be attached or the terms may be separated. The offer also shows the total cost. The offer shows the total cost of your credit contract. In a pre-agreement statement, the terms and conditions are explained. Read the declaration of prior agreement and offer carefully and make sure you can answer these questions: the credit contract defines, among other things, your responsibility to the credit provider. The following information must be included in the credit contract and be declared to you: You have been approved for credits! The next step is to read the documents that carefully describe your agreement. Remember that you do not have to accept the offer, sign or pay a fee at this point. Use the 5 business days allowed to make sure you fully understand the agreement and check the impact of the total cost on your portfolio before making a decision. You don`t have to accept the offer, sign anything or pay a fee. You have five working days to think about it before you make a decision, before you sign a credit contract, you need to understand what you are agreeing with. If you don`t, you may be in financial difficulty. Ask the credit provider to explain the offer if you don`t understand.

To understand the agreement and ensure that the credit provider also complies with the National Credit Act, you should ask yourself the following questions when reading the document: . . Read the documents describing your agreement carefully. Your loan application has been approved. What are you doing? You will receive all the documents that tear up your credit contract, but don`t worry if you don`t understand everything, it`s not that difficult.