And owners of Ford and Lincoln and Plaute cars who have not had repairs can still submit a claim for dissatisfied with their infotainment touchscreen and get $45. According to information on top class shares and on an independent website dedicated to the lawsuit, a transaction was agreed to secure compensation for more than 360,000 Ford and Lincoln owners in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Washington. From the colony, those who purchased or leased a Ford or Lincoln vehicle with the system before August 9, 2013 are entitled to compensation of up to $400. This paper summarizes the proposed comparison. You can find the exact terms of the transaction in the settlement agreement available here, by calling the administrator of the MFT Claims at 1-833-402-1732, by contacting the class counselor (coordinated below) by accessing the court docket, In exchange for a supplement, through the Court of`s Court Electronic Records (PACER) public access system, or by visiting the U.S. District Court office for the Northern District of California, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102, between 9:00 a.m. .m and 4:00 p.m.m Monday to Friday without a court ceremony. You can ask the Court to refuse the authorization by filing an objection. You cannot ask the court to order a larger transaction; the Court of Justice can only approve or reject the transaction. If the court refuses to give its consent, no decompensation will be sent and the appeal will be continued. If that`s what you want, you have to turn them around. If, prior to August 9, 2013, you purchased or leased a Ford or Lincoln vehicle in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia or Washington, equipped with MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch by a Ford or Lincoln dealer, you can get up to $400 from that colony.

Under the terms of the Ford class action, class members who have had their MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch repaired once can claim $100. Class members who have requested two repairs to the system will receive $250 and those who have had it repaired three or more times can receive $400. The comparison compensates more than 360,000 motorists who bought or rented a car equipped with these infotainment systems between 2010 and August 2013. The law firm, which represents angry screen-poking drivers, claims that MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch are defective – the comparison site is here. He found that the software did not respond to voice commands, did not find a link to the owner`s mobile phone, did not bring motorists to their destination, froze and fell. Drivers were left without functions, for which they often paid a large premium, and Apple CarPlay was not there to save the day. Fee amounts vary depending on the owners` experience in the systems. The comparison provides that customers who have had their media system repaired at the dealer can claim $100. With two repair visits, that figure rises to $250, and those who have brought their vehicle three or more times for system repair can deposit $400.