Procedures for the transmission of multilateral agreements concluded pursuant to Section 1.5.1 of the ADR-DGSA certificates are also extended until 30 November 2020, in accordance with the multilateral agreement M324. Look at the agreement in English (corrected version on 21 January 2020), in vehicle control in Spanish: quota extensions for tankers and MEMUs can be made at the same time as the HGV MOT exemption for authorisation 945: valid only in the UK, since we have not signed a multilateral agreement to that effect, although there is a multilateral agreement m325 signed by a number of countries here. In addition, in the Spanish list of multilateral agreements expiring between 2007 and 1 September 2020, OTIF adopted a special multilateral agreement RID 2/2020 for periodic inspections or intermediate inspections or testing of certain tanks. This means that the validity of all periodic intermediate inspections or inspections that will take place between March 1, 2020 and August 2020 will remain valid until August 30, 2020. For more details, please visit the website of the Intergovernmental Organization for International Rail Carriage (OTIF) the Special Multilateral Agreement RID 1/2020 on Security Advisor Certificates, in accordance with RID Under this agreement Notwithstanding the provisions of RID, all training certificates for dangerous goods safety advisors that expire between March 1, 2020 and November 1, 2020 remain valid until November 30, 2020. For more details, visit the website of the Intergovernmental Organization for International Rail Carriage (OTIF). These may provide for temporary derogations from certain provisions of the ADR and be introduced by each contracting party to facilitate the international transport of certain dangerous goods. As a result of an agreement between two or more parties, they are published by the REL secretariat at: 2.

The documents covered in paragraphs and, recognized as equivalent to technical expertise, are adopted under the conditions set out in paragraph 1 of this multilateral agreement. They remain considered equivalent if they are renewed before 1 December 2020 under the conditions set by the International Convention on Standards for Training, Certification and Watch for Seafarers. The final clause of a multilateral agreement should be formulated as follows: “This agreement is valid until (…) (a) for the transport of the contracting parties of the Association Agreement who have signed this agreement. If it is revoked by one of the signatories by then, it remains valid until the aforementioned date only for the transport on the territory of the contracting parties of the ACCORD who have signed this agreement and who have not revoked it. (date …) (b) The competent authority for the ADR of … (Signature) « . ADR pressure tanks: Gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen can continue to be used when their periodic inspections and tests on the multilateral agreement M326 expired on 31 August 2020. Note Multilateral agreements apply to road transport only under CSR. The countries participating in this agreement are available here.