We work with both lenders and borrowers on commercial or private credit contracts. Our team of experienced bankers helps you establish documents for secure or unsecured entities and verify the terms of the proposed facility agreements. “As a corporate secretary, I find these articles very useful and appropriate, and I also share them with the lawyers and paralgales of the department.” The COVID 19 pandemic is putting financial pressure on businesses in most sectors. To support the position of cash flow, companies are turning to short-term debt to fill gaps in their cash flow. State-sanctioned loan programs, including the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), are currently particularly widespread. These systems are considered by many companies to be “cheap” debt because the companies that borrow do not charge a fee. This “cheap” debt can close the cash gap resulting from the COVID 19 crisis. In particular, we can help borrowers review the terms of their facility agreements and what this means for transactions that normally take place. The typical conditions we expect under an easy-to-use agreement are: -.