“My family and I all hope that we can get the property back back as quickly as possible, without an expensive lawsuit which, unfortunately – the Council is right to do so – could take a few more months without the costs. He left the small one-bed apartment in Highdown, Southwick, to the city council and resigned four months in advance in June – more than three months after the coronavirus rules. There are limits to what you can do with a new rental contract, for example, you can`t: if you`re a new tenant on the board, you get an introduction to rehabilitate for the first 12 months of moving into your home. His contract with the city council requires him to be a responsible owner. He expressed frustration that the Commission had not met the same high standards to which it was maintained. Arington offers price comparisons to allow you to choose the most appropriate offer for yourself. Arington will notify utilities at the beginning and end of the lease and save you time. They are also offered offers for media (Virgin Media, Sky, etc.) and telephone packages. “The much bigger problem is that, through the blatant disregard of housing laws and landlords who offer their real estate to low-income tenants, the Council seems to totally despise their real estate. This will inevitably lead to the loss of affordable housing in our region.

Answer: Arington will ask you to establish a permanent contract before the lease begins. Arington will confirm a date for a check-in where we will meet you in the accommodation to exchange you and hand over the keys. On the owner`s orders, Arington will make an inventory. Please read the inventory carefully and return it to Arington or the inventory recorder within 7 days of receipt. The inventory is used at the end of the lease to determine any deductions from the deposit. If all tenants are students in a property, you can apply for a leave of absence.